The roots of DUVE ČR date back to 1930, when a company for the production of electrotechnical fasteners was founded in Sauerland, followed by a change in production to wire processing in 1968. especially the automotive industry.

DUVE CR s.r.o. itself was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of the parent plant in Neuenrade. Even then, wire and tube parts, cold-formed parts, pressed products, welded and assembled assemblies were developed and produced.

In 2011, the company DUVE ČR s.r.o. became independent. and thus a new chapter began. We have taken over many years of know-how and expanded production, which, combined with innovation, enables us to transform customer wishes into products using modern means.


DUVE CR s.r.o. specializes in products intended for the automotive industry. This type of product currently accounts for 99% of all produced parts. Other parts are mainly intended for the construction industry.